Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Years Resolution Countdown - Part Two

My wife is really smart. I'm not just saying this because she occasionally reads my blog and I want to impress her. She doesn't read my blog, so she won't even know that I said it. I'm saying it because it's true. Well, it's mostly true. She did marry me, so she does have the occasionally lapse in judgement. But it's not really her fault because I tricked her.

I think when each guy is born they're allocated one of what I'm going to call a "girl trick" card. Guys don't really know they have it, but on instinct when they find the girl of their dreams they play their "girl trick" card. It's kinda like a cloaking device, like the one made famous by the Romulans as a way to camouflage or hide themselves from Captain Kirk and the rest of his clan.

Applied as the "girl trick" card, one is able to camouflage or hide oneself from their true identity, and thus become something to their future wives that they find appealing and thus trick them into getting married. I know this to be true, because my wife is smart, and I'm not, because if I was, I'd have some prestigious title like Fellow, which I don't. And she did marry me.

So, anyway, my wife is really smart and always looking for ways to get smarter. Recently she's been getting certified in a new "tool" as the folks her in line of work like to call them. This most recent "tool" (no, not me) is the Insights Discovery profile. You could spend a lot of time reading about it here or the cliff notes version is that it's a "tool" for self-understanding and development. Part of getting certified means that I become a guinea pig and get profiled, which last time I checked was against the law.

Going through this process is pretty cool as I'm into self-understanding in a non-understanding kind of way and am always open to development as long as it will help me become a better cyclocross racer and what better way to come up with some cogent new years resolution. So, here's the little gem I pulled from the report.

"Can have difficulty working effectively with spontaneous creativity"

New Years Resolution #2 - Be "Spontaneous"


Mindy Glover said...

this is way too brilliant for 8:22am.

Bryan said...

You must be smarter then you think if you have a Fellow as a friend or understand what a Fellow does.