Sunday, December 21, 2008

Going Backwards - Going Forward

Have you ever obsessed on one of the those 1000 piece puzzles. You spend days or even weeks working on them. You probably have help from the family and everyone bonds together to get the job done. And when your done there's a sense of accomplishment. But what if it's one of those puzzles where you get to the end and one of the pieces is missing? You turn the house upside down trying to find it, but it never turns up.

You probably feel frustrated as you've no doubt put in a tremendous amount of work and you can't put that final piece into place. You can see the picture in all it's detail, but you don't really feel like you got the job done. It becomes a hole that will never be filled.

If you go fishing and never catch a fish is the time spent lost? Do you even really need to catch a fish? Does it become an emptiness that somehow needs to be filled?

Or is it simply about the process? When we focus all of our energy on what we think we want at the end, do we somehow miss something far more important? Do we miss what's happening along the way?

Sometimes the puzzle will have a missing piece, but does it really matter?

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